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Shoes on the square To get a bespoke product by JurajM... Shoes on the square more than just a process... Shoes on the square It is an experience.

Our Process


Step one

Getting to Know your idea

Before we touch the raw material, we want to understand what you really want and need. Preferably in person, where we can give a form to your ideas. However in today online world you can get in touch by all e–communication means to get the ball rolling.


Step two

Foot measurement

Measurements for shoemaking are taken in person with precision either in our atelier in Slovakia, or during one of our Trunk Shows around the world.


Step three

Shoe last creation

Once we have your foot measurements, a last will be sculpted from beech wood specifically for the individual’s foot. Every last is created based on the client’s taste and measurements. This step is timebound and can take up to 2 months. Once we have your shoe last in house, we store it for maximum of 5 years should you want to return for more.

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Step four


Mutual understanding between Juraj and the customer results in unique creation for a customer who has not yet even imagined the design. The possibilities are unlimited and inspiration is available in our gallery.


Step five

Material selection

We make sure the material we offer is resourced sustainably, ethically and processed without chemicals to the highest quality so that your choice is just about the right feel and colour.


Step six

Symphony of hands

Seventy hours of work and centuries-old know-how are the key to a shoe that is as contemporary as it gets. From the cutting and lasting of the leather to the stitching, dyeing and final polish, every stage is done by hand, the hand-waxed linen thread tying together a work of pure art.



relationship & services

The final piece is made to create and value long term relationship and respect of customer, environment, craftsman, culture and art.