Price includes embossing service plus initials on our product.

Delivery is up to 7 days.


Price includes embossing service.

Your own design or logo needs a creation of a unique brass stamp, that requires additional cost. If you purchase such option, we will contact you prior the making.

Delivery up to 30 days.

We offer three types of embossing:

  1. Blind Embossing

We press the letter blocks into the leather with heat and pressure but without any foil – the pressure creates a permanent mark on the leather. Subtle yet still visible.

  1. Silver Foil Embossing

We use solid silver foil to accent the initials into the leather, leaving a beautiful Silver finish.

  1. Gold Foil Embossing

Gold Foil is the same technique, different finish.

    • (max file size 256 MB)
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